RE Noir Virgen

RE Noir Virgen

RE Noir Virgen - taste note

A cloudy, unfiltered wine that looks creamy gold in the glass

This is a sparkling wine but not as you know it. A complex nose of fresh and warm floral notes, sweet almonds and a dribble of honey over lightly toasted bread, this gives you a lot of bang for your buck on the aroma front.

Almost bone dry but overwhelmingly aromatic in the mouth, you’ll find a medley of nuts and wild meadows in this complex bubbly that has a long finish and a complexity worthy of accompanying a bigger meal.

A creamy duck foie gras, or confit rabbit.

12.5% alcohol, Non Vintage

$20 - $50 USD

Winery sample, no decanting.

More on the wine

This is a duo of amazing sparkling wines from the adventurous Morande father and son. RE Noir is the filtered version, and this wine RE Noir Virgin is the unadulterated, unfiltered version so you’ll find the cloudy lees still in the bottle but also more complexity and fragrance. Both are 100% Pinot Noir and with a second fermentation in the bottle, champenoise-style.

More on the producer

Pablo Morande Snr was one of the first to dare to make wine in cool climate Casablanca 30 years ago, now he and his son Pablo Jnr are re-inventing the wheel again with their family winery Bodegas RE. Co-fermenting less common varieties, working with flor and making orange wine are just some of their favourite pastimes in their gorgeous new winery in Casablanca.