Puelo Patagonia, Pinot Noir

Puelo Patagonia, Pinot Noir

Puelo Patagonia, Pinot Noir - taste note

Dark rose

An aromatic and flirty bouquet with plenty of fresh red fruit and wild herbs.

In the mouth there is plenty of fresh fruit aromatics too and a nice length and finish to the wine with crunchy acidity.

Drink it solo!

11.8% alcohol, 2014 harvest

$60 - $120 USD

Winery sample, no decanting.

More about the wine

This is a new plantation in the southernmost vineyard in South America. The price reflects the difficulty in growing grapes here with problems of rain (2000mm a year, compared to the ideal 600mm) and a big frost risk.  It is a pricey bottle to try, but for adventurists who want to taste wine from 41 degrees latitude in Chile, you’ll be rewarded with an attractive, fresh and juicy Pinot.

More on the producer

The Villaseñor family has a mix of vineyards from Cachapoal and Curico in the Central Valleys down to Puelo – the southernmost vineyard in Chile. The winery is in Curico though, and you’ll find them producing a few odd ball varieties like Sangiovese and Grenache as well as the classics.