Monteagrelo, Syrah

Monteagrelo, Syrah

Monteagrelo, Syrah - taste note

Purple velvet

Take some time to unlock this wine which starts with a whiff of pepper (white and black) and a handful of dark fruit which then opens into a little more cinnamon and even some wild herbs. Keep digging for more of that meaty Syrah note.

Lovely mouth feel and a real spice finish with plenty of concentration of darker fruit, and smooth finish. Coming from sun-ripe Mendoza but with the tipicity of a spicy Syrah.

A lamb chop with fresh herb chimichurri.

100% Syrah, 14,5% alcohol. 2013 harvest.

$20 - $50 USD

Winery Sample, no decanting.

More about the wine

Monteagrelo is Bressia’s single-variety line that focuses on their best expression of each variety, with the potential to savour over time. This wine has 15 months in oak and can easily be enjoyed for 8 years after its vintage.

About the producer

Walter Bressia has a long and esteemed career in winemaking, and now his family are becoming a stronger part in that too with their family winery ‘Bressia’. With an affinity for more classic, old world wines, Bressia’s style focuses on varietally correct or expressive wines with plenty of concentration but also drinkability. Monteagrelo is their line that focuses on high end expressions of different varieties.