Matervini, Alteza Malbec

Matervini, Alteza Malbec

Matervini, Alteza Malbec - taste note

A very dark and concentrated pinky purple

An alluring nose with dark plummy fruits, fresh florals and just a touch of spice

With the dark concentrated colour and deep nose (and especially coming from Salta), you expect this wine to be bulkier in the mouth. But it has a surprisingly vibrant and lively mouth filled with fresh red fruit and a lifting acidity. Cool.  

A lovely piece of fillet steak with blue cheese sauce

14.5% alcohol, 2013 harvest

$60 - $120 USD

Winery sample, no decanting.

More on the wine

Coming from the heights of Yacachuya in Cafayate, this is a high altitude wine where the nights are cool but the days are hot hot. The result is of course deep colour and concentration, but you’ll find good acidity and fresh fruit in this wine.

More on the producer

Santiago Achaval and Roberto Cipresso are best known for their joint project at Achaval Ferrer, but this is a new venture – seeking out mountain soils for top Malbecs. Matervini (meaning ‘mother of all wine’) is their experimental project and so far they have two wines to come out of it – this Malbec from Salta, and another from the Uco Valley.