Errazuriz, Las Pizarras Chardonnay

Errazuriz, Las Pizarras Chardonnay

Errazuriz, Las Pizarras Chardonnay - taste note

A silver gold

You might not like the term ‘mineral’ but this wine is a screaming example of why the term emerged: a mineral, stoney-nose with a dance of citrus and white fruits over the top.

The mouth feels unctuous and rich when you first take a sip, but then the cool minerality and muscle power of this Chardonnay comes through leaving you with a bone dry, but long finish.

Just leave me alone with this wine! Or maybe throw me a Chilean ‘macha a la parmesana’ when I’ve made it through the euphoria of at least half a bottle.

2014 harvest, 13% alcohol, 3.1 PH

$60 - $120 USD

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More on the wine

This was Errazuriz‘s venture into making top schist wines from Aconcagua Costa, and they excelled when it comes to Las Pizarras. Using old barrels and small production, winemaker Francisco Beattig worked hard with Burgundy specialists to bring this wine to light – and the result is outstanding. Move over Sauvignon Blanc – Chilean Chardonnay is on its way.

More on the producer

Errazuriz is the top wine producer in the Aconcagua valley, specialising in wines from the mountain and also the coastal regions. Eduardo Chadwick is the main man behind Errazuriz and has formed important alliances throughout the wine world to bring them to Chile and explore the potential of its terrain.