Boya, Pinot Noir

Boya, Pinot Noir

Boya Pinot Noir - taste note

A dusky dark ruby.

This wine is an explosion of berry fruit and fresh red fruit, with a lovely, warmer raspberry compote in there too and a bit of wild herbs and pink rose petals sprinkled around.

You still feel all the fruity expression in the mouth with a lovely fresh finish from a good acidity and great balance.

A light duck mousse wouldn’t go amiss with this.

13% alcohol, 2013 harvest.

< $20 USD

Winery Sample, not decanted.

More about the wine

Prioritising fruit expression and ditching the new oak, Boya is a Garces Silva wine, but under a very different concept and winemaker. The consultant winemaker for Boya is Rafael Tirado, and although this is the ‘second’ line (cheaper in simple terms), it is likely to pull in a different crowd – those seeking brighter fruit expression and simple wines. A slightly earlier harvest date, and aged six months in old (3rd + uses) oak barrels.

More about the producers

Making cool climate varieties in Leyda, Garces Silva has a beautiful vineyard estate spreading over Leyda. Brands include Boya and Amayna and you can taste through Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah.