Amayna, Barrel F Sauvignon Blanc

Amayna, Barrel F Sauvignon Blanc

Amayna, Garces Silva, Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc - taste note

Warm golden sunshine

A gorgeous labyrinth of tropics and the rich lees creaminess with sea salt freshness. You can keep your schnoz in this glass for a while and new aromas will unfold – over days in fact.

The first sensation to hit you in a salty freshness and good acidity, then rich and warm golden fruits, the finish is long and smooth.

Sea urchin, or a rich salmon dish.

100% sauvignon blanc. 14.5% alcohol. 6.29 gr acidity.

$20 - $50 USD

Winery Sample, decanted.

More about the wine

Selected from a very special lot in Leyda, this wine is made from the oldest plantings of Sauvignon Blanc in the region. The winemaking team always blind taste all their different lots to pick which one goes to barrel, and it always happens to be this same lot: 8B. The roots are so deep that they anticipate being able to dry harvest within the next couple of years.

More about the producers

Making cool climate varieties in Leyda, Garces Silva has a beautiful vineyard estate spreading over Leyda. Brands include Boya and Amayna and you can taste through Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah.