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Uruguay wine regions map

Uruguay may be small compared to its Goliath neighbours (Argentina and Brazil!), but for what it lacks in size it...
Harvest in Casablanca 2016 Amanda Barnes

Both sides of the Andes were affected by the El Niño this year, and Chile was hit in most of...
2016 harvest, mendoza, amanda barnes, decanter

This year was a wet one for Argentina’s biggest wine region, Mendoza. Cuyo is the heart of the Argentine wine...
80 Harvests, Vineyards leading into the dunes

Peru might not be the very first South American country to spring to mind for wine, but it was in...
San Pedro de Atacama, a view of the volcano, copyright Amanda Barnes for The Squeeze Magazine

There is nowhere else in the world like San Pedro de Atacama. It may be the driest desert on the...
What makes a vineyard biodynamic

A guide to making wine from biodynamic vineyards. Want to know why cow horns, radishes and quartz are important to...
Carmenere Wine Variety, The Squeeze Magazine

Carmenere is a well-travelled French variety that found its second home in Chile where it is now so widely grown...
Return of the old vines

Both Chile and Argentina are seeing an exciting rediscovery of old vines - and old varieties - that are proving...
Bonarda Wine Variety, The Squeeze Magazine

It might be a tricky one to pronounce at first, but once you get your lips around an Argentine Bonarda...
Valle Nevado The Squeeze

You might more closely associate South America with tropical jungle and beaches, but the Andes in Chile and Argentina offer...
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