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Your online guide and insider's tips to Chile and Argentina's wine regions, wineries and wines
Malbec grapes, harvest different varieties argentina

Argentina is not just Malbec… there are a handful of interesting wine varieties to try and you'll be surprised with all that is on offer in the white, red, pink and sparkling sectors. Here is a rundown of the best wine...
collage Chile food and wine

Chilean oood is driven by local identity, tradition and a wealth of native ingredients that are found along its striking 4,630km length. Characterized by the rugged Pacific coast and dizzying heights of the Andes mountains stretching almost the entire enviable length of...
Casablanca, visiting the wine region

When imagining ‘cool climate’ wines, what springs to my mind first is the image of soggy, wet vines and miserable days of drizzle that leave your head firmly in the clouds, and not in a good way. Spending the first...
feeling the wind in high altitude elqui

Chile has long been overshadowed by neighbouring Argentina when it comes to high-altitude wines. Argentina claims the highest vineyard in the world at 3111m above sea level (although hotly contested by a dozen producers in Bolivia with vineyards scraping the...
Dinosaurs walking in Patagonia

I looked at the grey stony structure. Almost the same size as my entire body, this was just a single vertebra of an entire spine – just one piece of the enormous puzzle that makes up one of the largest...
Azafran Wine Cellar

You’ll go loco over Mendoza´s never-ending wine experiences, especially after visiting a couple of wineries and trying their delicious wines. That´s why we compiled a list of some of our favourite shops to make it that little easier to find...
Visiting the Uco Valley in Mendoza

If you are keen to head out to visit Mendoza's wine regions, you'll need to get the lowdown on how to get there and explore first. There are a few ways to get out and visit wineries from the city....

Every year at the end of February/beginning of March, the city of Mendoza swells to three times its usual size as tourists from all around the country and abroad pack into Argentina's wine capital for the largest wine festival in...
sunlight mendoza

The aptly named land of sun and wine, you can’t really go wrong with Argentina’s wine capital. Producing the large majority of Argentina’s wine, Mendoza is a region characterized by its vineyards. There are vines as far as the eye...
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