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Your online guide and insider's tips to Chile and Argentina's wine regions, wineries and wines
Uruguay wine regions map

Uruguay may be small compared to its Goliath neighbours (Argentina and Brazil!), but for what it lacks in size it makes up for in diversity. Uruguay has no less than 99 classified soil types and has wine regions that range...
Premium Tasting Chile

You might have heard about the Premium Tasting in Argentina, and for the first time since its creation in Mendoza in 2011 - it is going to be held Chile! After previous editions in Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo,...
80 Harvests, Vineyards leading into the dunes

Peru might not be the very first South American country to spring to mind for wine, but it was in fact the first. The Spanish colonisers wasted little time before planting their first vines on arrival in the mid 1500s,...
Arvid on the floor in the final exam

It’s fitting that the competitors for Best Sommelier of the World crossed the finish line on April 19, just one day after the famed Boston Marathon. Only the elite amongst sommeliers qualify to compete - 61 candidates from 58 countries...
Andres Rosenberg

You might have read all about the Best Sommelier of the World competition that took place in Mendoza last month, and about how tough it was for the candidates to compete at that level. However it isn’t just the candidates...
Sommelier tips

As sommeliers and candidates arrive for Le Concours du Meilleur Sommelier du Monde (Best Sommelier of the World Competition) in Mendoza, we spoke with some of the previous winners at an intimate dinner in Dominio del Plata last night to...
Andres Rosberg - Andreas Larsson - Edgardo del Popolo - Susana Balbo - Paolo Basso

The fifteenth edition of Le Concours du Meilleur Sommelier du Monde officially starts today as 58 of the world’s top sommeliers arrive into Mendoza, Argentina, where the competition is being hosted. On Saturday morning the first of the exams commence,...
Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 19.11.40

This week Mendoza will be the epicentre of the wine world, as over 60 of the world’s top sommeliers come into town to battle it out for the impressive title of ‘Best Sommelier in the World’. This is the 15th...
matt wilson's photography, wine room

When it comes to wine photography, Matt Wilson doesn't mind pushing the boundaries. And in doing so, he is painting Chile's wine scene in a different light. Former rock and skateboard photographer Matt Wilson might be the bad boy of...
Argentina Wine Awards

This year's Wines of Argentina Awards took place in Mendoza as usual with a bumper tasting of 672 wines tasted by a panel of international judges including the likes of Sarah Jane Evans MW (England), Jennifer Luk (Hong Kong), Göran...
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