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Discover the culture and travel hotspots of Chile and Argentina
Climb Aconcagua, a guide to visiting the tallest mountain in the americas

The most dramatic hiking destination in Argentina is Aconcagua. At 6,962 meters (22,841 feet), it is the tallest peak in...
Arriving to Ushuaia

Ushuaia’s (pronounced oo-swy-ah) claim to fame as “the most southern city in the world” draws tourists in, but the town’s...
Dinosaurs walking in Patagonia

I looked at the grey stony structure. Almost the same size as my entire body, this was just a single...
Easter Island 1

Chile is a long country - stretching over 4,200kms - and for the most part it is rather skinny, never...
Visiting the Uco Valley in Mendoza

If you are keen to head out to visit Mendoza's wine regions, you'll need to get the lowdown on how...

Every year at the end of February/beginning of March, the city of Mendoza swells to three times its usual size...
sunlight mendoza

The aptly named land of sun and wine, you can’t really go wrong with Argentina’s wine capital. Producing the large...
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