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Discover the best of travel, culture and wine in Chile
Chile's Maul Valley, The Squeeze

“To talk about the future of Chilean wine, we need to talk about the past – and the past is...
Excellent wine bar at Santiago Airport, Vinum

Waiting for a flight just got a whole lot more fun...A new wine bar in Santiago Airport offers you just...
Argentina vs Chile wine battle, Copa America, The Squeeze Magazine

It is an exciting prospect for football fans and oenophiles that Chile and Argentina battle it out head to head...
Puertecillo beach, Chile

Chile has one of the longest coastlines, of over 6500kms! With so much rugged coast to choose from it can...
How to learn Chilean spanish and slang

You've mastered the art of Spanish, you may even be able to talk argot with an Argentine, but have you braved...
Where to watch the Copa America, by The squeeze Magazine

The Copa America is upon us! And as the host country, Chile is buzzing. If you are here in the...
How to make sparkling wine, the history and the methods

Have you ever wondered how bubbly gets, well, bubbly? Amanda Barnes takes us through the snap, crackle and pop of...

Just an hour and a half from Chile’s busy capital, Santiago, lies the rolling hillsides of fog-laden Casablanca and the...
collage Chile food and wine

Chilean oood is driven by local identity, tradition and a wealth of native ingredients that are found along its striking 4,630km length....
Latin American food

Why do people visit Latin America? Some want to witness its stunning scenic beauty, while others are more interested in...
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