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Discover the best of travel, culture and wine in Chile
Itata rising from the ashes

The forest fires in Chile were devastating. Many producers lost their vineyards and livelihood in those catastrophic weeks, and several...
Where to eat in Santiago

What are the best Santiago restaurants? And the top cheap eats Chile's capital? Perhaps you are looking for authentic Vietnamese,...
Carmenere grapes in the vineyards in Chile, Carmenere Day

The story of Carmenere, the emblematic grape variety of Chile, is quite unique. It begins in France, where Carmenere was...
Whole foods chilean wine in store

While we might not get the organic delights of Whole Foods down in the Southern Hemisphere, if you are in...
Dia del Vino Chile, Chile Wine Day

Chile is celebrating its second National Chilean Wine Day (#ChileWineDay) by attempted to break a world record! Over 2000 people...
Count Francesco Cinzano, interview by Amanda Barnes for The Squeeze Magazine

Chile is an exciting wine country not only because of what the land itself holds, but also for the sorts...
top 10 wine app

We have already created must-have lists for gadgets and books, so why not combine technology and literature for our next...
top 10 Chilean movies, the squeeze magazine

Seeing as we came up with a top 5 list of Argentine movies, it seems only fair to do the...
Valle Nevado The Squeeze

You might more closely associate South America with tropical jungle and beaches, but the Andes in Chile and Argentina offer...
Top 10 wine books, what wine books to read, The Squeeze

The world of wine can be an incredibly complicated one, which is why several people choose to read up about...
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