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The Squeeze Experiences are handpicked & handcrafted by our seasoned travelers & tourism experts. Tailor-made for intrepid tourists, we work with local personalities, professionals and close friends in order to give you unforgettable moments and experiences in Chile or Argentina.
Gastronomy and wine tour in Valparaiso

Take a gastronomic adventure through the colourful city of Valparaiso with one of the best cuisine connoisseurs in the region....
Wine Tasting in Valparaiso with The Squeeze Magazine

Taste through a selection of boutique wines from Chile's wine capital, Casablanca, in a guided, cool climate tasting in Valparaiso....
Discover the roots of Mendoza’s terroir

Terroir is more than soil. It is the cultural, historical and environmental impact that makes a wine what it is....
Arg VS Chile

Chile vs Argentina... Can’t decide between the two wine capitals? Why not have both?! You can have your cake and...
Paint with the artist- Gonzalo Anton

Spend two hours in a creative workshop painting with one of Argentina’s most renowned artists, Gonzalo Anton, in outstanding workshop...
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