About The Squeeze

About The Squeeze

The Squeeze Magazine, an online guide to wine and travel in Chile and ArgentinaThe Squeeze Magazine is an online publication exploring the wine regions and travel destinations of the Southern Cone and sometimes further afield.

Articles and videos are brought to you so you can virtually travel to some of the most beautiful places and tastes in South America, or organise your next trip!

If you would like to contribute to The Squeeze Magazine as a writer or creator of any kind please get in touch with Amanda Barnes at [email protected]

If you are interested in our consultancy services, visit this page.


Meet the team

Amanda Barnes: Editor, Founder, Hopeless Dreamer

Amanda BarnesAmanda Barnes is a British wine and travel writer based in South America since 2009 exploring the vineyards, kitchens, mountain tops, ocean floors and all the bits in between. You can read more about Amanda on her personal website or follow her on twitter @amanda_tweeter


Pablo Ortiz: Graphic Designer, Video-Maker, All-Rounder

PPablo Ortizablo’s been designing for The Squeeze since early 2014 and while he is a master on the desktop, he is still swirling his way through South America’s wines to find his own favourite squeeze. You can follow him on twitter @POA_629


Belen Gil: Wine Coach

belen2Belen has been working as a wine coach and consultant for The Squeeze since the beginning of 2015 and offers tastings, tourism and coaching services. As well as being born with a palate for wine, she was born with a palatte of paints in her hand – coming from an artistic family, she draws in her spare time. Follow her on Periscope with The Squeeze, and on twitter @mariabeleng14



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    Ill wait for a response.

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