Key tools for an asado

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Key tools for an asado

Are you ready to cook a typical Argentine asado? But you aren’t sure of the tools? Here’s our guide to the tools and equipment you’ll need for a top Argentine asado!

Iron Grill: The thicker the iron pieces the better. It will maintain the heat a lot better.

Wood or Leña: In the United States, use Meqguite. Plus have some kind of kindling to start your fire. Stay away from using lighter fluid or even ceramic fire starters. Use newspaper as described below.

Newspaper: Other than a good fork and knife to flip and cut the meat, newspaper is essential to an Asado. It is used to start the fire, balled up to clean the grill and lastly, folded up to use as oven mitts to move the grill when need be.

Small hand shovel: To help move embers from your burning wood pile to under the grill

Rustic Wood Board: Invest in a nice rustic wood serving board. Reward your hard work by presenting your asado on a classic thick piece of hardwood.

By Chef Angelo Gonzalez

Angelo profile pictureHaving moved to Mendoza a few years ago after leaving his beloved New York, Angelo Gonzalez has been mastering the art of a good asado since. Trained in Caribbean cooking, Angelo likes to pull together the best of Argentine flavours with a Latin American twist in his own closed door restaurant in Mendoza – Al Pasillo.

This article is part of our Asado series by Chef Angelo Gonzalez:

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