What Wine, Which Glass?

What Wine, Which Glass?

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Enjoying wine is not just about drinking. It is admiring the colour, the aromas and the individual and unique flavours. To make the most out of these qualities you will need the right glass.

Red WineRed Wine

The “Tulip shape” made from thin glass is ideal. The shape traps the aromas inside the glass and directs them towards your nose. The tulip style also allows you to swirl the wine to really bring out the aromas.


White WineWhite Wine and Rosé

The tulip shape is also great for white and rose. However a slightly smaller size is better as it keeps the wine cooler for longer. A larger glass is better for red wines as it allows the wine to breath.



The wine world is currently in a fierce debate regarding which glass is ideal for Champagne and other styles of sparkling. Below are the 3 styles – from most traditional to the most modern

(Let the debate begin!)

The Marie Antoinette1.The Marie Antoinette

This old fashioned glass has seen a resurgence in recent years due to films such as The Great Gatsby. The glass does look great, however the down fall is it is very shallow. This means the wine tends to go flat much quicker. Also you need to be careful not to spill your bubbly!


2.The Flutethe Flute

The Champagne flute is the most common glass for all types of sparkling wine. It is tall, elegant and the shape keeps the wine fizzy for longer. The Flute has become synonymous with celebrations.


the Flute3.The Small Tulip

There are many experts calling for the end of the classic Champagne flute. They believe that regardless of its elegance, its thin, tubular shape does not allow the drinker to enjoy the incredible complex aromas of the wine. The small tulip shaped used for white or rose is being hailed as the “New Champagne Glass”.

However, the downfall of the style is – it doesn’t have the elegance nor the association with celebration.

…the debate goes on.


By Bertie Goddard

Bertie GoddardBertie discovered his passion for wine while studying Hospitality Management at University. He has worked as a sommelier in Manchester and London and is currently a sommelier in Buenos Aires. If you want to taste wine with him in BA, contact him at [email protected]

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