Chocoterroir! Wine & Chocolate tasting in Mendoza

Chocoterroir! Wine & Chocolate tasting in Mendoza

Taste and pair wine with chocolate in Mendoza, The Squeeze Magazine

How do you feel about wine, and how about chocolate? If they produce the same inner glow for you as they do for us, then this chocolate tasting experience is made just for you! Discover the different terroirs of South American chocolate, and pair them with excellent wines from Argentina in this playful and delicious experience led by your intrepid chocoterroir-ist.

Terroir (or origin) is the determining factor on the personality of several products, including wine and chocolate. South America is a remarkable producer of each, and this indulgent tasting will take you into the captivating world of cocoa to discover the tastes of Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador’s cocoa regions which capture a range of expressions and sensations you might not have taken the time to  acknowledge in chocolate before.

Chocolate pairs well with many things: a good book, a bad day at the office, a plush Egyptian cotton-covered pillow… But pairing chocolate with wine is not as easy as it seems. You have to learn to balance fruit sets, acidity, sweetness and tongue-curling tannins with all the nuances of a good chocolate. Our expert wine guide will lead you through the basic pairing rules – and then break those rules – as we taste through a variety of chocolates with wines of different styles and colours to find everyone’s perfect partner between the wrappers. You’ll take home your personal wine & chocolate guide sheet, and a whole lot of inspiration for your next late-night chocoterroir treat.


  • Three premium wine tastings
  • Single-plantation high quality chocolate
  • Bi-lingual chocoterroir expert leading the tasting
  • Chocolate & Wine Cheat Sheet to take home


  • 1-2 hours
  • In Mendoza City Centre (enquire for transport, or alternative location)
  • Minimum 2 people

Price: $75USD per person

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