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Mariana Onofri interview

Mariana Onofri has been the head sommelier and Wine Director of The Vines of Mendoza since it started in 2009 but last week we caught up with her wearing a different hat - as a...
Bonarda Wine Variety, The Squeeze Magazine

It might be a tricky one to pronounce at first, but once you get your lips around an Argentine Bonarda it effortlessly becomes one Argentina's most versatile and easy-drinking red varieties. Not to be confused...
Uruguay wine regions map

Uruguay may be small compared to its Goliath neighbours (Argentina and Brazil!), but for what it lacks in size it makes up for in diversity. Uruguay has no less than 99 classified soil types and...
Malbec World Day

International Malbec Day, or Malbec World Day, on 17 April is a great excuse to open a couple bottles of your favourite Argentine variety. Although Malbec became internationally famous coming from Mendoza, Argentina, its story...
Francois Lurton interview

When the Cot grape made its way to Argentina in the 1800s, it arrived in a new wine region with a new name - Malbec. Since then Malbec has become synonymous with Argentina. Its great...